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Airport Cab Tips

How to Avoid Airport Taxi Scams  

So, your flight was uneventful, and you are back home refreshed and ready to begin the next part of your journey, however, the second you leave the airport, there are several unlicensed airport taxis looking to scam you. Obviously, if you have never faced this situation before, it makes you an easy target. But, if you have been scammed by an airport cab in the past, you know the signs. The thing is these scams occur all around the globe, and there is nothing that can be done to make them stop.

Check with Your Hotel

Before you start wondering how to get an airport taxi, start by asking your hotel if they offer free airport transfer. Some hotels will do this, and yours could be your free ticket to use an airport shuttle. So it is wise to check this option before you book a hotel, as a free airport shuttle may save you money on travel to and from the airport.

Book a Cab with a Trustworthy Company

Not all taxis will try to rob you, especially not those that come with reliable references. And, what’s more, you won’t spend too much money on one. If you do not have your car handy, and the hotel doesn’t have a transfer organized, think about booking a taxi that the locals recommend and trust.

Never Take a Taxi At the Airport

Everyone should know this, however, if you are one of the select few that does not, then it doesn’t harm to say it again, NEVER take a taxi at the airport, especially one that has no license! Seasoned travelers will steer clear from airport taxis, however, if you are new to this, then heed our warning. As the majority of airport taxi scams occur with unlicensed cabs, so be careful!

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