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How to Correctly Tip Your Airport Taxi Service

Ever Wondered if Your Tips Are Insulting?  

Ever wonder if you’re tipping your airport cab service the right way? If you frequently fly, you may already have a checklist to make the whole endeavor somewhat easier. For example, was it a smooth ride, did the driver get you to your destination within the allotted time? Were they friendly? All of these things will factor into how much you tip your taxi driver.

However, if you do not use an airport taxi service that often, you may not know what the etiquette is. Below are some helpful hints for tipping our Maui Airport Cab Company cab driver to help alleviate the anxiety, avoid embarrassment, and make sure you are properly rewarding the service you received.

Only tips if they deserve it

First thing’s first, if you received a great taxi ride, then yes, you should tip. Many riders aren’t sure if it’s appropriate to tip a taxi service, however, we can assure you that it is definitely appropriate.

Tip a minimum of 10% or nothing

If you decide you received good service and wish to leave a tip, make sure to leave 10% or more. Anything less and you may as well not tip at all. More importantly, if your fare is under $10 and you want to leave a tip, leave a full dollar.

Tip more when the driver went above and beyond

If your cab company driver is extra helpful and helps you load and unload your luggage at the airport, is friendly, or provides a pleasurable experience all around, reward them for going that extra mile. Consider tipping 20% or more.

Never ask for change

When it comes to tipping, it is easier for both parties if you round your tip to the nearest dollar. Don’t tip $11.53, round it up to $12 instead. As you do not want to be fumbling around looking for spare change, and to be honest, many drivers do not carry change if you ask them to break your dollar.

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