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Is It Safe to Take a Cab Service During Coronavirus?

How to Stay Safe Using a Cab During the COVID-19 Outbreak  

As more and more businesses are starting to reopen and people begin to emerge from their homes, there is a false sense that things are getting back to normal. Many are easing back into activities from their pre-pandemic lives, such as dining out, booking air travel, and even taking a cab service.

However, are cab services safe for passengers amid the COVID-19 pandemic – read on to find out more?

So if you’re considering using a taxi in these times, there are a few important factors that you must bear in mind and ways to mitigate the risks involved.

To reduce risks, cab companies are now making it mandatory that their drivers and passengers wear face coverings. However, cleaning and sanitizing the vehicle is often down to the individual driver, and it still remains unclear how well this being done. Also, it is the individual responsibility of drivers to self-quarantine and not drive if they begin to show signs of symptoms and face tough choices when self-quarantine means forgoing income.

Consider your location

The rate of new COVID-19 cases in your area will greatly affect the risk of going into public for any activity, and that includes using a cab service.

Wearing a mask

After assessing the risks involved, if you still decide to go forward with your taxi journey, then make sure you take steps to protect your health. You MUST wear a face covering and request the driver wears one too, if they are not already doing so, and report drivers that fail to adhere to these precautions.

In addition to this, eye protection will also provide some extra protection. Try sitting in a seat that is furthest from the driver. If you are out to run important errands, try to consolidate them into one trip, this way you will limit your outings.

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