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Not Sure What Tip to Give Your Airport Taxi Service Driver?

When Are Tips Required?  

Professionally chauffeured transportation is in no way any different from any other service. When securing yourself a limo driver from an airport taxi service, there will always be the question of how much you should tip?

There definitely are a few things to consider when estimating what the value of the tip should be. These include the number of passengers, luggage, service, and the vehicle hired. Finally, you should also understand what is included or isn’t included in the cost of the rental. Some companies may include a standard gratuity, while others do not.

So let us review the items that are the most important when determining if a tip should be included for your driver when using a limo service.

When determining the right amount to tip your limo driver, keep these 3 things in mind.

What type of vehicle?

The type of vehicle, from a Stretch Limo to a traditional sedan such as a Cadillac, must be considered. Specialized vehicles do call for more training and skill, meaning the cost of the ride should be commensurate with the size of your tip.

Did you pack for a month’s vacation?

When your driver needs to unload multiple pieces of luggage that contain all of the clothes you own, that too needs to be taken into consideration when you estimate what tip to leave. However, if you are traveling with just an overnight bag, a bump in the tip is not needed.

How was the service?

Service will always matter, so you need to ask yourself if your experience was enjoyable, did you get to your destination on time? When deciding how much you should tip your limo driver for taking you to the airport, take into consideration if there was fresh water available, maybe a newspaper or other such convenience, all of which made your trip much more comfortable?

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