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How to Spot a Sketchy Taxi Service

When it comes to taking a taxi, safety should always be a top priority. Unfortunately, some less-than-reputable companies are out there that can put riders in an unsafe situations. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot a sketchy cab service and take the necessary steps to avoid them. Here are five tips to help you identify and avoid sketchy taxi services.

Do your research.

Take some time to do a bit of research on any cab company you’re considering using, such as reading customer reviews online or talking with friends who have used them before. This can provide valuable insight into the quality of service they offer and whether or not they’re worth trusting.

Look for reliable vehicles.

Make sure the taxi you get into is in good condition, such as having a clean interior and working air conditioning/heating. Also, make sure that its tires have sufficient tread and that its exterior is free from dents or scratches. If possible, try to avoid older vehicles that may not be well-maintained or safe to ride in.

Meet your driver first.

Before getting into any taxi, make sure you meet the driver first and get a good look at them. The driver should look professional and have proper identification, such as a valid badge or license. If you’re uncomfortable with the driver for any reason, don’t get into the taxi and look for another one.

Ask questions.

When dealing with a potentially sketchy service, it’s always wise to ask questions about their safety protocols and policies. Find out if they have a system for regular vehicle maintenance and if their drivers undergo background checks. If the answers to your questions don’t satisfy you, then it’s best to look for another taxi company.

Trust your intuition.

Above all else, trust your intuition when deciding whether or not to take a particular taxi service. If something feels off or you’re in any way uncomfortable, then don’t take the risk. Choose another option and stay safe.

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